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I'm Out The Box


Hi, I am Isaiah and I am autistic. Being autistic I have become familiar with the prejudices, racisms, rejections, bias, exclusions, limitations, etc., etc, placed upon autistic people from society - Thus placing them in a box.

I am blessed to have a family who constantly help and encouraged me to overcome the difficulties of autism and to push past the limits society attempted to impose on me because of my autistic diagnosis. I now what to encourage you!The ‘I’m Out The Box’ design was created by my mom and me as a voice saying ‘I may not be like you but I will not be held-back by you or your limits imposed upon me - I’m Out The Box’. The I’m Out The Box design is a a box, which has 4 sides, filled with limiting beliefs. The words ‘I’m Out’ outside of the box represent a person pushing beyond the limits. This is a self-empowerment movement, which is not only for Autistic persons but for everyone - any ethnicity, any gender, any age, any economic group, etc, etc, who believe they have been placed inside of a box and limited. Each of us are wonderfully and fearfully made by God. It is time for each of us to break out of the box - and be all that we were destined to be. Wear the clothing and use the products that has the logo that Empowers you and Declares for you ‘I’m Out The Box!’




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