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Meet Isaiah 

I was diagnosed with autism at 6 years old while I was a student in the first grade. I exhibited autistic behaviors prior to this time but was not tested and diagnosed until then. As I got older I began to understand some of the conversations my parents had to have regarding me and my ability to do things. Over time I reached the conclusion that because I am Autistic many people took my diagnosis, put limits on me that excluded me from things. Soon afterwards the ‘birth’ of the song I’m Out The Box began within me. The song is my PROCLAMATION AND AN ANTHEM that I am and will push past and exceed the limits people try to place on me. AND I will overcome some of my autistics characteristics. My desire, my mission, is to help others do the same. It makes no difference what it is that has caused people to look at you and decide to limit you; I am just telling you, you can push past, and overcome that limit and ‘Get Out Of The Box’!



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